Renting & Leasing in the Lower Mainland

The Barbican team is grateful to live and work in this beautiful, coastal region of BC. We work hard to maintain appealing properties in preferred neighbourhoods. Our rental apartment homes are situated close to transportation, local amenities and work opportunities. Our high-quality, well-maintained commercial properties are in transit-oriented destinations located in current and emerging mixed-use urban centres. And our self-storage facilities can be found in three convenient locations across Tsawwassen.

Our goal is to help you find the rental of your dreams, whether it’s your ideal home or the perfect commercial space that attracts and excites your customers.

Building Communities

A barbican is a medieval architectural feature safeguarding entry to a castle. This symbol reflects our commitment to ensuring the security of the properties we manage and the value of our tenants’ welfare and possessions. This enhances the quality of life in the communities in which they’re located.


Murrayville is a relaxed, family-friendly community with lots of historical charm. Most shops and amenities are within walking distance, as are the museums and heritage buildings. It’s surrounded by extensive outdoor trail networks and pastoral landscapes.

Residential Properties

Ladner apartment


Originally a fishing village, Ladner has retained its small-town charm and the benefits of its many local businesses. Situated on the Fraser River, this community is surrounded by farms and offers lots of home-grown produce and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Residential Properties
Commercial Properties

Waves Coffee


Surrey is a vibrant, culturally diverse city with a fast-growing economy focused on innovation and sustainability. Known as the City of Parks, it offers a diversity of green spaces and recreational facilities, as well as a thriving food and entertainment scene.

Residential Properties
Commercial Properties